Safe and Effective Movement Strategies for Students of all Ages

Tonna wants you to find balance in your life and in your body. She draws from a variety of movement modalities to help you find courage to move towards freedom and away from pain.


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Tonna Reinhold

Movement is thearpy for your heart and your head and food for your soul. As a kinesiologist, she has helped dancers, cyclists, runners and multisport athletes perform better. She has also helped hundreds of clients walk with more ease, find better balance, relieve incontinence and recover from overuse injuries.



since 1987

Tonna has taught ballet, strength training, aerobics, aqua, cycling, pilates, yoga (vinyasa, retorative, hatha) and meditation. She loves the energy of a group but finds helping individual integrate all their unique conditions and requirements into their practice particularly rewarding.

Yoga Class

Feet First

"Take your time to refine the position of your body at every consecutive moment until every sensation in your joints brings peace"

Meditation Class
Pilates Stretches

Strength & Healing

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the lighjt gets in.

Leonard Cohen


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Clifftop Yoga


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